Pamela Paulshock Calendar

Longtime Fellow Crapper Paul writes: “Remember Pamela Paulshock? The bubble-headed WCW “interviewer” who did nothing of note?

Remember 2001? The first 3 months which gave us some of the worst (and not coincidently; last) moments of WCW?

Want to combine those two things? Well boy do I have a calendar for you! Your very own Pamela Paulshock 2001 calendar! Yes; now you too can pay $12.95 for calendar featuring an obscure bottle-blonde bimbo which is a mere 8 years out of date!

What a steal, and needless to say; it’s a license to print money!”

RD: “And get this…if you buy it today, you’ll be all ready for 2017…which has the exact same date layout! Hurry up, kids – buy one today before they’re all sold out!”

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