nWo Japanese CD

A nWo

In 1999 WCW released an NWO CD in Japan.

Here’s the track list directly copied from Amazon:

  1. NWO Original Theme Song
  2. Bite Me! (Ease “E”)
  3. “K” Dog
  4. In Your Face!
  5. Hollywood Hogan
  6. NWO Wolf Pack
  7. NWO Only Way to Go!
  8. Buff Daddy
  9. Disciple
  10. NWO Flash
  11. Buzz Kill
  12. NWO 4-Life

Yes, that’s 12 (!) songs relating to the NWO, including one devoted solely to The Disciple.

How did this album not get a U.S release?

You can buy your copy new or used anywhere from about $20 to $80.

I hope it has the awesome NWO B-Team theme!

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