nWo Hotline

From The WCW Worldwide blog comes this 1997 ad for the NWO Hotline!

And it only costs $1.59 a minute!

Not $1.59 for the first minute and $.99 for each additional minute- just $1.59 a minute, period!

If I may quote Bryan Alvarez- “No buys!”.

Thanks to the stupid font I read that one name as “The Homad” instead of “The Nomad”. I still don’t know who The Nomad or The Phantom were supposed to be.

I was so hoping they’d call Jeff Katz’ segment “Katz Scratch Fever”.

Check out the very last line of the ad- I like that it will in fact work if you happen to beĀ living inĀ 1973 and only have a rotary phone.

Rotary telephone

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