Norman The Lunatic Teddy Bear

Before Mike Shaw was Bastion Booger, before he was Friar Ferguson, he was Norman The Lunatic in WCW.

That was his entire gimmick- he was a stereotypical “crazy guy” who escaped from an insane asylum and (of course) had wild, crazy hair and was still wearing his asylum-issued outfit.

Oh yeah, and he was managed by Teddy Long, playa!

Norman would carry a Teddy Bear around with him because… he was both CRAZY and a thus also a man-child (of course… sigh).

WCW Norman The Lunatic holding a teddy bear 2 WCW Norman The Lunatic holding a teddy bear

WCW decided to sell that Teddy Bear up there wearing a shirt that says “I’m Crazy About Norman” because they know that most people like Teddy Bears (gee, I guess those people aren’t crazy…)

WCW Norman The Lunatic Teddy Bear merchandise catalog close up shot

Aside from being a bad word pun, the slogan and the gimmick itself are remarkably insensitive to people with mental health issues.

This is the kind of gimmick I would have expected to see in the 1960’s, not 1990!

When the gimmick you came up with makes Friar Ferguson look dignified by comparison that is one sad statement!

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