Nitro Grill T-Shirt

 WCW opened their Nitro Grill restaurant in Las Vegas, Nevada in the Spring of 1999 and closed in late September of 2000 (less than a year before WCW itself closed!).

The food was supposed to be pretty good, and the atmosphere was great, and “Nitro Grill” was a pretty clever name for the place, but they still couldn’t make enough money to keep it afloat.

Yes, even when WCW succeeded they still somehow managed to fail.

One of the things you could buy in the gift shop is this WCW Nitro Grill t-shirt.

it’s.. um.. black.

Oh, and it features the Nitro Grill logo on it.

And the city in which it was located.

And that’s all I have to say about that.

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