Motion Cards

I present to you this commercial from the late-90’s that aired on WCW Nitro constantly.

It features Goldberg and Meng who decide to stop fighting right in the middle of a heated battle, and enjoy some delicious (and by “delicious” I mean “mediocre, but cheap”) Little Caesars pizzas magically set before them by… oh I dunno, let’s just say The Great Gazoo,

Before they dig into this bountiful feast, Goldberg attempts to set up a trade for a card featuring his own likeness (Ego? What ego?!).

Meng responds by mustering up all of his fine acting talents and uttering one simple, yet powerful word:


With that single word, Goldberg’s hopes and dreams of having his own WCW Motion Card are crushed like so many discarded pizza boxes.

Goldberg might be able to beat Jerry Flynn 10,000 times, but he can’t bribe The Monster Meng out of his ultra-rare Goldberg card with his lousy offer of two DDPs and a Sting! Nuh-uh! Nothing doing, pal!

Meng knows it’s “Quality Over Quantity” and he knows that Goldberg’s card is the best of the four.

You don’t become a Martial Arts Expert(™) and former King Of The Ring by falling for lowball trade offers like that one!

Goldberg should be honored that his card is held in such high regard by his opponent/friend/pizza-eating partner and former Royalty.

And hey; wait… there’s no Meng card?! No freakin’ way!

First he doesn’t come with crown as illustrated, and now he doesn’t get his own WCW Motion Card? Bret Hart has nothing to complain about compared to the number of times Meng’s been screwed!

No Meng card and Crazy Bread make Meng something something…

How appropriate that the WCW Meal is two crappy cheap pizzas.

Thanks to the WCW Worldwide blog for the WCW Meal promo image above.

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