Mega Maniacs Megaphone

In 1993 the WWF re-united Hulk Hogan and Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake as a team and turned Jimmy Hart face to manage them.

The team was known as The Mega-Maniacs and the only thing of note they did was feud with Money Inc.

It’s really just a plastic cone that doesn’t so much amplify your voice as make it echo a little like you’re shouting inside a cave.

WWF Mega Maniacs shirt Hulk Hogan Brutus Beefcake Jimmy Hart WWF Merchandise Catalog Fall 1993

I guess it’s for kids who really, really wanted to be like Jimmy Hart.

I seem to recall the WWF asking a whopping $19.99 or something like that for this cheap, plastic piece of junk.

And yes, of course I had one.

What was the flimsiest, cheapest piece of wrestling merchandise you ever owned? Comment below and let us know!

WWF Merchandise Catalog scan courtesy of @WWFMagArchive on Twitter.

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