Luggage Bag Tags

They actually made WCW Sting and Goldberg luggage tags.

WCW Sting Bagtag bag tag

Okay, picture this.

You’re at the airport baggage carousel…

Airport Baggage Carousel

…desperately trying to find your suitcase amongst the dozens circling by.

You walk up to an airline employee and say

“Excuse me, can you help me find my bag? It’s the black one with the luggage tag of a mime on it!”.

Or maybe you’re in high school…

Students in hallway
Students in hallway

…and everyone sees that your backpack is the one with an angry, snarling Bill Goldberg on it!

Oof… I don’t think I would have used these bag tags in any situation even at wrestling’s height of popularity in the late 90’s.

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