Linda Hogan Autobiography

Linda Hogan wrote a book.

Let me repeat that- Linda Hogan wrote a book.

“About what?!” you maybe asking yourself.

Well, apparently it’s a book about herself, and her time being married to Hulk Hogan.

You know, Hulk Hogan- the guy she had recently divorced so she could shack up with some (much) younger guy just before she published this book.

Outside of just happening to be the woman who married Hulk Hogan, has she done anything of note that you would want to read about?

Yeah, I can’t think of anything, either.

I think more people want Dusty’s book than this thing (right, Crappers?).

And what’s up with that title? “Wrestling the Hulk”?

I like how the book’s cover highlights her botched plastic surgeries that make her look like some kind of bizarre overly-tall inebriated alien creature whose face is melting.

Seriously- I’ve seen drag queens with more feminine allure and charm than this woman!

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