Lex Luger “Flex With Lex” Sweatshirt

Blade Braxton: I’m not going to beat around the bush. This is the ugliest fucking wrestling shirt I’ve ever seen in my life. Whether it’s the fact that it looks like a Chicken Of The Sea employee used it to mop up a massive pink salmon spill at the factory, or the way the color clashes with Lex’s Gamma ray-infused green forearm, this thing is a total abomination (second Incredible Hulk reference not intended).

Adding insult to injury, it’s a freaking sweatshirt to top it all off! So not only will you look like the undisputed wardrobe-challenged wrestling dork champion of the world, you’re gonna get extremely hot, sweaty and stinky wearing it. Total epic fashion fail. I guess it’s a good thing that shirt’s pink, cause guys, that’ll be the only pink you’ll get while wearing that shirt.

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