Latino World Order Temporary Tattoo

Crapper Chris Morgan sent in this LWO temporary tattoo (remember that short-lived faction in WCW?). He writes:

What is more fun than a temporary tattoo? The answer is, of course, everything, including but not limited to pondering the fact that someday every trace of life on this planet will completely disappear, unmourned and unloved. That is, unless it is a Latino World Order temporary tattoo. Somehow, somebody still has one of these sitting around, and they are suggesting that, after all these years, it will still take to your skin. Still, not everybody can be as lucky as I and still have an LWO t-shirt. This is the next best thing.

Hey, the opening bid is just $.20! What a deal (but not The Real Deal!).

I don’t really like temporary tattoos. I prefer a permanent Tattoo:

Tattoo Fantasy Island

Thanks for the submission, Chris.

You can check out Chris Morgan’s e-Book, his Podcast, and, if you are feeling particularly generous, his Twitter.

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