Kurt Angle Halloween Costume

Crapper Cody Kise writes:

Saw this in a Halloween store and had to share it.

The mask makes the kid look less like Kurt Angle, and more like Michael Stipe from R.E.M…

Michael Stipe

…if he took a break from touring to get really jacked-up and become an overtly Patriotic Olympic wrestler (StipeSlam.com. I bet that URL’s not taken…).

I can just imagine his first promo:

“Everybody is going to Hurt for sure when I Stipe Slam you, brother! You’ll Lose more than your Religion- when the night is over, you’ll lose your World Heavyweight Title, too! You won’t be able to Stand on your own two feet by the time I’m done with you! This Sunday, it’ll be The End Of The World As We Know It (And I’ll Feel Fine)”.

He can end the promo singing “We All Have Cell Phones (So Come On, Let’s Get Real)” to complete the transformation.

License To Print Money!(™)

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