Jimmy Wang Yang Boots

Fellow Crapper Toomiguci writes; “Last night, I attended the WrestleMania Art Exhibit for the Phoenix Children’s Hospital & the Make a Wish Foundation. In getting caught up in the whole auction moment, I wanted to bid on something so I bid on an Eddie Guerrero Collage by Vickie….outbid!

I then bid on a GORGEOUS drawing of a young Stu Hart framed & drawn by Beth Phoenix…outbid!!

So I bid on a charicture of Antonio Inoki by DH Smith….OUTBID!!!

Then I bid on a sculpture by Cryme Time…yep, even outbid there. All the items had high bids, including Slam Master J’s do-rag.

So I bid on these…Jimmy Yang Wang’s painted cowboy boots! Yep, nobody outbid me there!

Needless to say, this is a WrestleMania Souvenir NOBODY will have. And my wife hasn’t killed me yet for the money I spent.”

RD Reynolds: Thank you, Toomiguci. I can now show my wife that there are women out there who have to tolerate the wackiness that she thought only her husband brought to the table.

BTW…please tell me you are wearing those boots to Mania!

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