Jack Tunney Custom Figure

Figure collector and customizer Kenny Casanova has created this amazing custom figure of esteemed former WWF President Jack Tunney 

He writes on his website:

Here is my custom of President Jack Tunney, made from various Rocky action figures from Jakks. The head is modified and repainted from referee LOU FILLIPO, and the body is a TONY GAZZO.

For those of you who do not remember Jack Tunney, he was a Canadian wrestling promoter who the WWF hired to act as the figure head of the company.

Back in the early summer of 1984, the WWF named Tunney its storyline “president.” This made Tunney known to WWF fans everywhere. WWF President Jack Tunney was part of many storylines including:

• Suspending Andre the Giant from competition in 1986, forcing him to compete as the masked “Giant Machine” of The Machines.
• Awarding trophies to Hulk Hogan and Andre the Giant on Piper’s Pit.
• Suspending referee Danny Davis “for life” after officiating a series of controversial matches where he favored the heels.
• Indefinitely suspending The Islanders in 1997, for the kidnapping of the British Bulldog’s mascot Matilda.
• Stripping “The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase of the WWF Heavyweight Championship, after buying the title from new champion Andre the Giant.
• Restricting Demolition to two active members following the 1990 Survivor Series.
• Distorting the “Real World” title belt of Ric Flair when he began performing for the WWF in the fall of 1991.
• Prohibiting Jake “the Snake” Roberts from bringing his snake to the ring after having a cobra bite Randy “Macho Man” Savage’s arm, while Savage was restrained in the ropes.
• Refusing to take action against Lex Luger over his controversial forearm smash finisher; a steel plate inside Luger’s arm.
• Declaring both Bret “the Hitman” Hart and Lex Luger winners, after they simultaneously eliminated each other, with two debating referees failing to agree on a winner.
• Facing an irate Bad News Brown who confronted Tunney on the set of “The Brother Love Show,” demanding a WWF title shot against then-champion Randy Savage.

Why, oh why didn’t Habro release this in the late 80’s? I would have seriously had a blast using this to book angles for my figures!

That would be a TunOfFun!

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