Jack Swagger “We The People” Hand Shirt

Crapper Sean writes:

So I was watching Smackdown when I saw Jack Swagger’s new T-Shirt which appeared to be nothing more than a tracing of his hand. My curiosity got the better of me and I looked the item up on WWEshop.com and sure enough…it literally IS a tracing of his hand…on a plain black t-shirt with the poorly drawn flag on the back.

the TV version didn’t have “We The People” on it though, so I guess there’s some props for that. Not the worst t-shirt design for sure but still poor.

I suppose it’s not so bad…

With a little colored paper, some glue, and some googley eyes you could turn it into one of those Turkey hand art craft projects when Thanksgiving comes around!

Turkey hand art Thanksgiving

Hang on, someone else wants to say something…

Wayne Campbell Wayne's World

“Excuse me- I believe I requested the hand job…”


Thank you, Wayne.

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