Hulk Hogan Wins The Belt Sticker Story Book

I came across this article about old school book club flyers from the 1980’s (Whoa, what a flashback!) and I found the above ad for a Hulk Hogan Sticker Book on one of the pages from a December 1985 Troll Book Club flyer.

I really love the title of the paragraph- “Hulk Hogan Wins The Belt!- With Stickers”.

Yes, you could read that to mean that Hulk Hogan used the awesome power of stickers to overcome his opponent and get the three count.

“Whatcha gonna do when the mighty Lisa Frank glittery Unicorn stickers run wild on you, brother?!”

Look closely- they included a Hillbilly Jim sticker! You could use it to decorate your favorite moonshine jug! Or your Granny’s rocking chair! Or stick it on the forehead of your hound dog/training partner!

My buddy Matt at Dinosaur Dracula has a new article up covering sticker story books including this one! Check it out!

 WWF Hulk Hogan Wins The Belt sticker book Matt 2 WWF Hulk Hogan Wins The Belt sticker book Matt 3

I wonder what the story in the book  is? “Hulk Hogan challenged and beat a bunch of guys before he beat The Iron Sheik”? Or did they just make up a goofy story for this book?

Well, it’s only $1.50. I’d have totally added this book to my order, no doubt about it. For that price, how could I have gone wrong?

How many of you Crappers remember these “book clubs” from when you were in school? What kinds of books or posters or whatever do you remember ordering? Did any of you have this particular sticker/story book?

All credit for the Schoolastic flyer catalog image at the top belongs to the original blog that I stole…erm… “borrowed” it from. Please go check it out! 

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