Hulk Hogan Suburban Commando Soundtrack

Fellow Crapper (And Official WrestleCrap Forum Member) The Notorious OTG writes: “I just got back from the local Salvation Army. After passing by a “Cactus Jack: The Early Years” DVD for $3 (which I already own), and being heavily tempted by a mint WCW Goldberg vs. Nash ELECTRONIC THUMB WRESTLING gizmo still in the package for $3, I was about to leave empty handed, when I leafed through a few CDs looking for valuable computer software and CD video games idiots seem to throw away, when I spotted the official soundtrack to SUBURBAN COMMANDO.

The same Salvation Army that gave me an unboxed copy of The Best of The WWF Volume 16 (featuring Outback Jack), a Hulk Hogan Python Power Mug (which I really need to get around to finding and taking a picture of), The Rock Know Your Role VHS, and many a Sega Genesis games has done it again. So RD, in the words of the title to track number Seven by K.C. & The Sunshine Band… Do You Wanna Go Party?

You want to hear Hogan rap? It’s on the second track!

And the last song sure sounds familiar…

RD: That’s hair that Fake Kane AND Kip Winger would be jealous of!

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