Hulk Hogan Safety Target Set

Yes, you can do just that thanks to the miracle of velcro, and the Hulk Hogan Safety Target Set.

Oh sure, it’s not as rewarding as lobbing a sharp-tipped dart at Hulk’sĀ forehead, but I guess this is okay, too…

And check out Hulk’s forehead! Yes ladies, finally, we have proof that Hulk is in fact a “10”! Ooh la-la!

Actually, it’s more fun to just pretend that Hulk is just involved in a weird cult that requires him to get a 10 enclosed in a circle tattooed on his forehead.


Eh, The Stonecutters were cooler, anyway…

I’m picturing Hulk’s ex-wife Linda spending endless hours playing this game while chugging from a bottle of Jack Daniels, swearing loudly, and waiting for the next alimony check to come in.

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