Hulk Hogan Radical Flying Disc

It’s a Hulk Hogan Frisbee!

Oh, wait no…  I’m sorry- “Frisbee” is the legally protected trademark of some other company.

This is a Hulk Hogan “Radical Flying Disc”.

Whoa! it’s radical, dudes!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon

Please don’t sue me, Frisbee people. It’s not my fault your products aren’t radical.

I like that it advertises you can “Do tricks and stunts” with your dog if you have this.

If I would have thrown this at my dog, my neurotic cockapoo would have glanced over at it, and given me a look that says “Yes, and you expect me to do what, now?”.

The shooting star logo of the company that made this thing reminds me of the NBC “The More You Know’ Public Service Announcement logo.

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