Hulk Hogan Puppet Kooler

I found this Hulk Hogan Puppet Kooler on eBay and I’ve got to be honest Crapper…

It’s really freaking me out!

It’s just ugly!

It looks like some kind of demented puppet that could come to life at any minute and knife me right in the liver!

The switch on Puppet Hulk’s back is probably permanently stuck on EVIL.

Krusty The Clown evil doll

I know what’s up with Puppet Hulk! He can’t fool me!

I’ve seen the Puppet Master movies!

Puppet Master 3 III cover

I know the Hulk Puppet Kooler looks harmless, but then again so did the Chucky doll from the Child’s Play movies!

Child's Play Chucky Doll Good

And we all know how HE turned out!

Child's Play Chucky Doll Evil

Okay, lets back to Hulk…

It’s signed by Hulk.

Hulk Hogan Puppet Kooler Cooler 2

Anyway, take a closer look at this thing…

Hulk Hogan Puppet Kooler Cooler 3 Hulk Hogan Puppet Kooler Cooler 4

I don’t want to drink out of this horrid thing!

I want to step on it and throw it in my fireplace until it’s reduced to a pile of ashes.

But hey, if you want to buy the thing, you go right ahead.

Just.. keep it away from me!!!

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