Hulk Hogan Bootleg “Wrestling Champ” Costume Shirt

I found this knockoff Hulk Hogan shirt on Amazon and had to share it.

“Wrestling Champ”? Well, I guess it’s cheaper to put that on there than to license “Hulk Hogan” or “Hulkamania” from Hulk himself.

It’s meant to be used as part of a Halloween costume, apparently.

Let’s see how much they want for it at the time I’m writing this..

Hulk Hogan Wrestling Champ costume shirt Amazon screenshot

$42.24 total! For a cheap knockoff t-shirt? For that kind of money I could get two or three authentic Hulk Hogan shirts!

So, let’s review, class:

1. It costs considerably more than a real Hulk Hogan shirt would.

2.¬†You’ll look like a complete idiot wearing it. It’s not even the right shade of yellow.

Yup, that’s a classic example of WrestleCrap right there if I’ve ever seen one!

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