Hulk Hogan A True Champion Book

Crapper Brian writes:

While looking up information about the Disney Adventures Magazine with Hulk Hogan, I stumbled upon this little gem. I’m not 100% if this was just for Hogan because one of the listings has Big Boss Man, Ultimate Warrior, Mr. Perfect, Barbarian, and Bobby “The Brain” Heenan

Hulk Hogan A True Champion book back

It’s a picture book titled “A True Champion (An Adventure with Hulk Hogan)” officially licensed book by WWF.

Here’s two separate listings on ebay:

Listing 1:

Hogan’s ego was so big that not only was he the main picture, but he also was in the background leaving the ring? Maybe he left the ring, to come back later in the night to beat the champion for the belt again?

Listing 2:

Something I found creepy, is that on the picture that shows some of the text from the book it says “He gave Jon’s shoulders a quick massage” Never have I had my personal trainer give me a massage.

Hulk Hogan A True Champion book excerpt

Plus Old Hulky’s picture next to it, looks like he had one too many of his vitamins and it’s trying to flush out.

I think you’ve just about said it all, Brian (and you managed to be a lot funnier than I could be doing so!).

What a strange book!

Still; as a kid who loved both wrestling and reading, I’d have been all over this like white on rice, and at least it encouraged kids to read, so I guess it’s not all bad.

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