I was browsing through the excellent WCW Worldwide blog and I came across this WCW Hotline ad from a later issue of WCW Magazine.

Whoa, it cost $1.69 a minute?!

That’s crazy!

It says the average call lasts 5 minutes, but let’s assume you’re going to spend at least 10 minutes listening to the hotline because Mark Madden is just that riveting.

That’s $16.90!

What a load of WrestleCrap! By this time most people had internet access to news sites so there was really no reason to call the hotline to get slanted, watered-down pseudo-news to begin with.

“Children under 18 must get parents’ permission before calling”? In legal-terms, that’s called “covering our butts”.

I wonder how many kids called the hotline without their parents’ permission not caring or paying attention to what it was costing them? Mom and Dad must’ve been just thrilled when that phone bill came!

Did any of you Crappers ever call a wrestling hotline? What do you remember about them?

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