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Crapper Pete Staiano found these two WWE HLA (Hot Lesbian Action) t-shirts from the early 2000’s on eBay, and on an old archived page.

This is an example of a catch phrase that never caught on, and I’m sure it’s something the modern day family-frinedly WWE hopes you don’t remember.

But that’s why we’re here, folks!

It was also a reference to something really lame they were trying to push on TV at the time…

It was their attempt to get viewers to tune in by occasionally featuring perfunctory, boring, PG-13 pseudo-lesbianism (like some of the most unsexy segments of Divas kissing each other that you’ve ever seen).

Plus there was the occasional “lesbian stalker” angle and some weird (so-called) flirting between the Divas from time to time meant to excite the audience.

It failed spectacularly because anyone who wants to see actual lesbians (or at least, two straight girls doing a decent job of faking it) can see it any time they want to through various means, and they know WWE television won’t show anything beyond some contrived, forced kissing that looked about as sexy as two carp going after the same piece of bait.

So, let’s review:

1. It’s not “hot” (unless maybe you’re about 12 years old just entering puberty and you’d get turned on by just about anything- like a jar of peanut butter).

2. The girls clearly aren’t lesbians.

3. And there’s really no “action” because it’s airing on basic cable (well, with the exception of that horrible WWE/Girls Gone Wild Pay-Per-View, but let’s not speak of that abomination…).

Leave it to the WWF to ruin the concept of lesbian porn in their attempt to be edgy.

Besides, who would wear either of these shirts out in public? Especially the “licking box” one?! Gah…  I wouldn’t wear that if the WWE paid me.

The “HLA” one isn’t really any better despite being slightly more subtle in it’s tastelessness.

They’re some of the most embarrassing wrestling t-shirts I’ve ever seen- right up there with the “A.P.A: Always Pounding Ass” one.

Anyway, thanks for the submission, Pete.

Do any of you Crappers own one of these shirts (and you’re brave enough to admit it) or know someone who did/does?

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