Hornswoggle Custom Action Figure

I thought it would be ‘nice’ this week to honor WrestleCrap’s only two-time Gooker winner via a special Someone Bought This, but I never thought by typing in “Hornswoggle WWE” into eBay, I’d get something like this. Now I’ve seen a lot of weird and goofy things hit this page over the years, but I’ve never seen anything creepier than this Custom Hornswoggle Action Figure. I mean, this thing is nightmare fuel from every angle.

Look at him. He looks like he’s ready to hump something (perhaps a small dachsund) from behind.

And that look on his face? Look at that open mouth.

I know I can’t be the only one that’s thinking this, so I will just go ahead and slap together a two minute Photoshop for us all.

So congrats, Hornswoggle – you’ve not only won yet another Gooker award, but you may have just turned every single Crapper celibate in the process!

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