Hayabusa Tattoo

From loyal Crapper Jason Harland: “Didn’t want you to feel too bad for shelling out $200 for wrestling memoribilia, so I figured I’d chime in here. While this may not be wrestle crap it is something I piad $500 for, more than twice what you and Blade split for the Katie Vick outfit.

Yes kiddies, that’s ink and skin, and it’s permanent (and that doesn’t mean drawn on with a Sharpie). Total cost $500 for 3 2 hour tattoo-ing sensions. one for the black outline, one to color it in, and then a color touch up session. letting the world forever know you’re a Hayabusa mark, priceless.”

RD: But what will you do if Eric Bischoff wants you to be a Shark?

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