Goldberg Car Phone

WCW Goldberg Telephone 2

Crapper Chris Morgan found this WCW Goldberg telephoneon eBay (it’s a “car phone”, get it? Yuk-yuk!) and writes:

In these modern times, most people strive to be modern men and women. The quest for the latest technology can be all-consuming. So what better thing to buy then a clunky, corded phone dedicated to a long retired wrestler from a long defunct wrestling company.

My first thought upon seeing this Goldberg phone is “It kind of looks like a car? Why does it look like a car?” Then, in another picture provided by the eBay seller, the owner’s manual says “Goldberg Car Telephone.” Is this a telephone for your car? Or is this a telephone that just happened to be shaped like a car? Or is it both? I don’t know if this is a CAR telephone or a car TELEPHONE. The seller provides no indication to the truth. I may have to drop the $19.99 of the Buy It Now price just so I can know and finally be able to sleep at night.

Wow! Well stated, Chris; and thanks for the submission!

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