Gobbeldy Gooker Feathers – Just $500!

Need a present for the wrestling fan who has everything?  Happen to have a spare $500 laying around?

Do we have the eBay auction for you!

Here’s the description:

“This could be one the most unique wrestling items ever.  Authentic feathers from the original WWF Goobledy Gooker outfit.  I’ll give you the story as to how I came to have these.  My dad was a WWF ring announcer from 1987-1992.  The WWF back then would use local talent as ring announcers and even referees at the house shows back then.  Unfortunately this all ended when the controversy surrounding Pat Patterson and Terry Garvin surfaced around 92, as that was who my dad reported to, Patterson and Garvin.  We even came to meet Pat at TV in Fort Wayne, IN one time.  I would always go with my dad to the shows (things were a lot more loose backstage then) and got to know the referees, ring crew and merchandise people. I would always come home with a ton of stuff, which my mom hated, and one of those items was this.  After the Gobbledy Gooker debuted at Survivor Series, Hector Guerrero went on the road with the outfit and came out during a show and did some dancing, a flip or two and just tried to entertain the crowd.  Some of the feathers fell off the outfit, they were gathered up by the ring crew when they were cleaning the ring after his bit and then given to me.  If I recall, this was in Dayton, OH.  This is definitely a one of a kind item from one of the most infamous wrestling gimmicks ever.  It’s time for this very unique piece of wrestling memorabilia to find a new home.”

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