Free For All Video Tape

In the mid-90’s, the WWF would air a free match on the Pay-Per-View channel before a Pay-Per-View would start, to entice you to buy the event.

They called these free matches “Free For All”.

Get it? ‘Cause they were free… for all!

What they often were not, were very good matches.

This VHS tape put out by Coliseum Home Video in 1997 is a compilation of those matches from 1996 and 1997.

It features the following thrilling match-ups:

Godwins VS Bodydonnas (Tag Team Championship Tournament Final, Wrestlemania XII)

Bodydonnas VS New Rockers (King of the Ring 1996)

Justin Bradshaw VS Savio Vega (In Your House: International Incident)

Steve Austin VS Yokozuna (Summerslam 1996)

Savio Vega VS Marty Jannetty (In Your House: Mind Games)

Jesse James, Aldo Montoya, Bob Holly, Bart Gunn VS The Sultan, Justin Bradshawn, Salvatore Sincere, Billy Gunn (Traditional Survivor Series Match, Survivor Series 1996)

Rocky Maivia VS Salvatore Sincere (In Your House: It’s Time!)

Mini Mankind, Mini Vader VS Mascarita Sagrada, La Parkita (Royal Rumble 1997)

In other words, a lot of really lousy¬†matches featuring guys who weren’t ready for prime time yet.

Ironically, the tape¬†wasn’t free. It would’ve set you back about $20.

That’s money better spent on… well, just about anything else you can think of.

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