Fan Club Cassette Tape

If you joined the WWF Fan Club, you got a cassette of theme music.

This is the 5th volume from 1993.

Let’s look at the songs:

WWF Superstars Theme Music V (1993)
All tracks composed by Jim Johnston

Lex Luger – “I’ll Be Your Hero” (2:13)
Doink the Clown – “Doinkin’ Around” (0:42)
M.O.M. – “Men On A Mission” (1:46)
Razor Ramon – “Calling All Cubans” (0:57)
The Smoking Gunns – “25 Gallon Gallop” (1:00)
Mr. Perfect – “The Perfect Twist” (1:08)

The only two good ones on this tape are Mr. Perfect’s theme and Razor Ramon’s theme. Donk’s theme here is his lame face theme instead of his awesome heel theme.

Gee, we get both M.O.M’s incomprehensible rap theme and Lex Luger’s sappy ballad! Oh boy!

“The Perfect Twist”? Curt Hennig covers Chubby Checker!

(or maybe not).

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