Earl Hebner T-Shirt

I’m not going to rehash The Montreal Screwjob from the 1997 Survivor Series here, Crappers. You know the story by now.

You also know that Earl Hebner was the referee who called for the timekeeper to ring the bell during the “screwing” as instructed by Vince McMahon.

That happened in November of 1997.

As of this writing it is now the Summer of 2014- nearly 17 full years later.

Way to be hip and timely, TNA! Striking while the iron is at room temperature!

Earl now works for TNA, and TNA is still referencing the incident with this “Damn Right I Did” Earl Hebner t-shirt.

As in “Damn right I screwed Bret”.

Bret Hart… who has never been associated with TNA, and in fact returned to WWE years ago.

Yes, this means that Vince McMahon and Bret Hart have both managed to move beyond The Montreal Screwjob, but apparently TNA hasn’t been able to!

This shirt is pathetic not only because of how old and and tired the reference is, but because it’s something that happened in WWE- the company they’re (supposedly) competing against!

A decent chunk of TNA”s audience were only 4 or 5 years old (if that) when The Montreal Screwjob happened. I bet some of them might not have even been born yet!

Besides, who in their right mind decides “Yes, from all these TNA shirts I could buy, I want an Earl Hebner shirt! The referee is way cooler than any of the wrestlers”?

Don’t buy this stupid, dated shirt, Crappers! Spend that money on something worthwhile like The Death Of WCW: 10th Anniversary Edition, or The WrestleCrap Archives instead?

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