Dog Collar And Leash

Crapper Sean writes:

So WWEshop is now selling dog collars for your canine friends. The ones they have include The Rock, CM Punk, Miz, and Ryback, but my favorite has to be this one though: The Mark Henry Dog Collar and Leash.

Notice that as opposed to a barbel it’s a bone and as opposed to WSM it’s WSD for World’s Strongest Dog. Yea just imagine putting that collar on say, a Welsh Corgi…

Mark Henry Dog Collar Teddy_Welsh_Corgi_01

Once this pup has the Mark Henry collar on, he will forever be the WORLD’S STRONGEST DOG!

You know who I could picture wearing the dog collar and leash?

(HEY! Get your minds out of the gutter, Crappers!)

Remember the bulldog Spike from the Looney Tunes cartoons? He had a little friend named Chester who wanted to be just as tough as his idol Spike, but he often failed.

I could totally see Chester wearing the leash and collar combo, just to prove what a tough guy he really is!

Anyway, thanks for the doggone good submission, Sean!

They have a bunch of other dog collars and leashes over at WWE Shop with other wrestler themes if you’re a dog owner who has no sense of shame wants to show the world that you’re a wrestling fan when you take Snookums for walkies.

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