Crush STOMP Action Figure

Crapper Jackson Adamczak sent in this Crush S.T.O.M.P figure and writes:

I just saw the Ivan Putski “Someone Bought This,” and made me wonder if you ever inducted the WWF S.T.O.M.P. action figures? I mean, Crush had a bullet proof vest and a GUN.

I think R.D already inducted these S.T.O.M.P figures before, but yeah, these are weird. There’s an entire line of them including one with an Underwater theme, and one with a Space theme. Check out all those other figures. Got to give them points for creativity, at least!

What’s funny (well, not really “ha-ha funny”, but strange) about this Crush figure having a gun is that a few months before this, he was arrested for having an illegal handgun. Was this figure some kind of rib on him?

He brought much shame and sadness to his beloved Clown Grandfather who up until that point had been so very proud of his brandon and his flowing mullet of justice.

Sad Clown

Ah, the tears of a clown… 

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