Crazy Dips

From loyal Crapper Mike Bruno: “I found these yesterday when I stopped to buy some milk at a convenience store. The thing is, I don’t think I actually “bought” these things, seeing as I don’t think the cashier bothered to charge me for them:

While I’m all for calling all three of these guys “Crazy Dips” (…or maybe just plain dips), I wasn’t a brave enough man to actually try the candy that these packets contained. In all seriousness, judging by this lineup, these things came out when WCW was getting ready to give up the ghost. I’m actually surprised that Turner bothered to put out any merchandising at this point!

Keep the crap coming! La Resistance sends their regards from France… I mean, Quebec (?)”

RD: Trust me, dude, if someone will pay $100 for a porcelain Stone Cold baby doll, they’ll shell out 75 cents for some crappy candy with Randy Savage on it.

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