Coliseum Video Postcards

This is a set of six postcards put out to promote WWF Coliseum Videos in 1993.

And boy, do these designs just scream “90’s”!

I wonder if anyone actually used these to send a note to someone else?

I love the idea of a child writing a note to Grandma with one of these…

The Golden Girls Sophia

“Oh look Harold, we got a postcard in the mail from our little Grandson Timmy!”

Wilford Brimley

“Oh, what’s it say, Martha?”

The Golden Girls Sophia

“Who cares? He’s eight. What could possibly be happening in the life of a 2nd grader? I’m too busy looking at the hunk in the neon spandex with the blonde highlights in his hair!”.

WWF 1993 Crush Coliseum Video postcard Wilford Brimley

“BAH! They never should have broken up Demolition…”.

The Golden Girls Sophia

“OW! STOP IT! You’re hurting me, Randy… er.. I mean Harold!”.

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