I came across this WWE Chipz game on Board Game Geek. It was released by Topps in 2009.

I knew I had to show it to you Crappers once I read the description of the game on the site:

A collectible poker chip game from Topps.

Each pack comes with four random chips. Each chip has a picture of a WWE superstar on one side with a chip value and the name of the superstar on the other. There are rules for six different games included with each pack.

The games are all simple dexterity games such as spinning the chips on their sides, tossing them on the ground to get the most to land face up or tossing them at a target. It should be noted that none of the included games make use of any of the information on the chips save for the face side.

That’s it?! What a simple, stupid game (or games, in this case).

Hey Macho Man Randy Savage; what do you think of Chipz?

Chipz? AGGGGH!

Yeah, that’s what I figured you’d say.

Thanks for showing up, Mach! Enjoy those tasty Slim Jims.

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