Brooke Hogan Autographed 8×10 Photo

Brooke Hogan was released from TNA in August of 2013.

As of this writing it is October of 2016 and TNA is still selling autographed 8x10s of her– and they only knocked 5 bones off their original asking price!

Are you at all surprised that overpriced autographed photos of Hulk Hogan’s talentless airhead daughter who’s been gone with the company for years are still in stock?

Right now they’re apparently moving as quickly as Slurpees at the North Pole 7-11!

Hey idiots running, here’s some free advice- sell them for $1 apiece or stick them in one of the brown bag deals to get them out of the warehouse!

Boy, did Hulk Hogan somebody overestimate how popular Brooke was going to be…

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