Brian Christopher’s “Bringin’ Sexay Back” Album

Okay, Crappers,  I’m just going to copy what I saw on Lords Of Pain for you all to marvel over:

Former WWE Superstar Brian Christopher, son of Jerry Lawler, has a new hip-hop CD out on iTunes. “Bringin’ Sexay Back” is also available on Amazon and Spotify. A press release described the CD like this:

“This CD consists of several hilarious song parodies plus some great original music. Included on his CD are the songs ‘Going Down’ which Brian uses as he makes his grand entrance into the ring. ‘Puppies’ featuring Hall of Famer, Jerry (The King) Lawler. ‘Memphis Thang’ a tribute song written by Brian about classic Memphis wrestling. Plus, Brian’s good friend Rikishi makes several cameo appearances on the CD. Brian Christopher not only performs all the songs on this CD but also co-wrote most of them. This CD is a ‘must have’ for any wrestling fan. You can download yours today or purchase one through CD Baby or at any wrestling event where Brian is appearing.”

Some of the tracks include Bad Newz, Jabroni, Memphis Bruise, N My Genes, I’m II Sexay, Puppies and Grandmaster Style. The 10-track album is available for $9.90 on iTunes.

Brian Christopher Puppies single cover

Oh boy…

This is either going to be “so bad it’s good” or just plain awesome.

Either way, this is sure to be a winner!

If any of you Crappers have downloaded the album or bought it from CD Baby, please give us a review in the comments section below!

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