Bastion Booger Outfit

Fellow Crapper David W. writes: “I have been a huge fan of your website for the longest time. Wrestlecrap has provided me a lot of laughs over the years, although as a huge Barry Horowitz fan, I was a little upset to see him included.

I am writing because I came across the following item for sale on eBay. I would love to buy it although I don’t really have any use for it, other than maybe for next Halloween.

For a mere $300 bucks, you can own a used Bastion Booger wrestling outfit.”

RD: As I pondered purchasing this, I came across this line in the description:

“Each glove is signed .. the trunks are signed and the strap is signed.”

Strap? What strap might this be? Oh dear Lord no…it couldn’t be his JOCK STRAP, could it?

Don’t tell Blade, he’ll be running up another credit card…

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