AWA Toy Rings

AWA wrestling ring toy

This is why you need good artwork that actually represents your product.

This is the Remo AWA toy wrestling ring.

Look at how small that ring looks on the artwork!

It’s as if they’re wrestling in a postage stamp!

This is why proper scale is important when drawing things, Crappers.

Look at the crowd in the foreground. It looks like Joel and The Bots should be there!

MST3k Mystery Science Theater 3000 silhouette

At least it works with all other¬†wrestling figures if you’re like me and never had any AWA figures.

The WCW Monday Nitro toy ring is also really tiny! It looks smaller in scale than the actual small WCW rings were!

WCW Monday Nitro ring and cage toy

Also, I want to point out that because of the glare on the box, it looks like it says “Press ¬†Butt” in the lower right corner, there…… I very much bet that URL is taken, but I’m sure as heck not checking.

Gay Popeye

“I bet I could…”

Oh shush, you!

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