AWA Tag Team Title Wave Video Tape

 This is a VHS tape of matches from the AWA called Tag Team Title Wave.

Get it? “Title Wave”.. because.. it’s like “Tidal Wave” which is big and powerful. How witty!

(Okay, snark aside that actually is kind of clever).

Take a look at the four guys they decided to feature on the cover.

There’s one wrestler that stands out as not quite having the same levee of stardom as the others (here’s a hint- his name is “Jim” and he’s related to, and formerly tagged with Bret Hart!).

I wonder who (insert “Who” joke here) decided to put him on the cover?

Am I the only one reminded of this song from Sesame Street?

(Video box scan courtesy of “The VCR From Heck”– a very cool Tumblr blog featuring public domain VHS covers).

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