American Wrestling WWF Tribute Show

Someone posted this poster in the Rip-Off Indy Gimmicks thread on The FAN Forum and I had to share it with you, Crappers!

Gotta love Not The Rock who looks nothing like Dwayne Johnson.

I’m pretty sure Fake Undertaker…

WWF SummerSlam 1994 Undertaker Vs. Undertaker

(no, not that one!) is wearing one of those nylon “fake tattoo” sleeve things you can buy at Spencer’s Gifts. 

Q: What’s worse than being Sean Waltman?

A: Being the guy whose job it is to impersonate Sean Waltman.

I don’t think I’d go to this craptaculr indy show even if my tickets were free.

I have more important things to do with my time…. like browse through The WrestleCrap Archives! 

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