Someone Bought This: WWF Superstars sticker album

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WWF Superstars sticker album

How many of you Crappers had this WWF Superstars sticker album or some other one back in the day?

You’d buy the sticker album, and then you could buy packs of stickers to (duh) stick right in there, or trade them with your friends.

I sure hope they made a Virgil sticker!

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3 Responses to "Someone Bought This: WWF Superstars sticker album"
  1. gutterhippo says:

    Most definitely had this one! I got it around 1993/4, along with many other closeout WWF toys from 1990/1 at my local Pick-N-Save (which would turn into Big Lots). Someday I’ll have to go through those old boxes and send in some pictures of the WWF-related garbage I convinced my parents to pick up from there.

  2. Adam X says:

    I had that.

    No idea how long I bothered with the stickers though.

  3. ScroogeMcSuck says:

    I have it, collecting dust in a bin that also contains the old WWF comics and other assorted junk. Fucking stickers are like crack, man…

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