Someone Bought This: WWF LCD Handheld video games

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WWF Superstar TIger Handheld GameWWF Royal Rumble handheld game by Acclaim

These two handheld video games were released in the early 1990’s by Tiger (WWF Superstars) and Acclaim (WWF Royal Rumble) respectively.

I’ve never played these particular games, but I remember handheld LCD games were a great time-waster even if the graphics were primitive. They weren’t as advanced as the original Game Boy but they were a lot cheaper and still had fun gameplay.

And look! WrestleCrap friend the late John “Earthquake” Tenta made it onto the artwork for one of them!

I want to give full credit to The Handheld Museum (an excellent resource) for the images and the information used in this article.

Did any of you have these games or similar LCD handheld games like them? Comment below and tell us which ones you had. Did these WWF games play very well?

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10 Responses to "Someone Bought This: WWF LCD Handheld video games"
  1. carl zayas says:

    My uncle gave me Superstars one year…the game was bad, the graphics were horrible, all the characters looked exactly the same…but my friends and I played it like it was Mortal Kombat handheld…it was hard as hell too…still I loved it because it was a gift from my uncle, and if I had it today, iwou ld play it like it were a THQ wrestling handheld.

  2. BigDaddyDave says:

    I had the Royal Rumble handheld game. So much time wasted as a kid.

  3. cobra says:

    I had the WWE Superstars game as a child, too.

  4. Forest George says:

    Somebody needs to repost the Wrestlemania V hand-held induction. Edited by R. D. Reynolds, but written by . . . wait for it . . . wait for it . . . wait for it . . . yours truly.

    The Wrestlemania IV handheld was also crappy – as all you did was bodyslam andre the giant over and over again.

  5. Michael Stamp says:

    So Hogan has one side of the handheld all to himself and five heels have to share the same size panel. People complain about Cena but remember how Hulk was all over everything back in the day.

    • "The Big Cheese" Paul Kraft says:

      Yeah, but Hulk Hogan was insanely popular and let’s be honest, his image sold merchandise just like Cena’s does. I can’t really fault them for featuring him so prominently.

  6. raiderfan99 says:

    I remember i had one of these back in the day where it was basked on the mega powers collide angle of wrestlemania 5. You had to beat various macho man clones while executing moves completely foreign to hogan. At the end of the screen, you rescued liz and cheezy music played, lather rinse repeat. I think i sold it at a garage sale back in 94 or so along with wrestlemania the album.

  7. Dustin DuNicDustin NicholsholDustin NicholssDustDUstin says:

    I had a generic handheld wrestling game called Wrestling Superstars or something like that. The caricatures on the label were obviously knock-off drawings of real wrestlers. I distinctly remember one looked like Bret Hart doing a piledriver, and the other resembled Fit Finlay putting a guy in a neck vice.

  8. Josh says:

    i had both of these as a kid, the wwf superstars one shoulda been named hulkamania because all you did was wrestle as hulk hogan in a series of matches starting with million dollar man and main eventing with undertaker, kinda like mike tyson’s punch out, you win the championship when you beat undertaker, i remember playing this thing until the buttons were faded, took me a year to get good enough to get to and beat undertaker lol i wish i could play it one more time. the royal rumble one got really hard in the actual rumble because it would let 4-5 people in ring at once and the little black outlines got to the point of hurting your eyes lol

  9. Nate says:

    I got Superstars for a birthday or Christmas present. Just found it again and popped in new batteries and it works like it was still new. 🙂

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