Someone Bought This: WCW West Texas Rednecks Good Old Boys / Rap Is Crap CD single

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WCW West Texas Rednecks Good Old Boys Rap Is Crap CD single

Bryan over at The WCW Worldwide Blog found this WCW West Texas Rednecks promotional CD single with both Good Old Boys, and about 600 versions of Rap is Crap.

(Okay, not quite that many).

If WCW had been smart they would have put out an entire West Texas Rednecks album.

License To Get Paul’s Money!

You can listen to all the songs right here thanks to Bryan.

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15 Responses to "Someone Bought This: WCW West Texas Rednecks Good Old Boys / Rap Is Crap CD single"
  1. Geoff says:

    I only count 5 versions. Are the other 595 versions of the song a secret? Oh I see why now. The song was written by Jimmy Hart. I knew he was a Mouth of the South but I didn’t know he was a song writer too on top of being standin for Norm McDonald’s Col, Sanders KFC commercials. If were a Time Warner head, I would be so embarassed that this was still in circulation. I’d probably burn all the rest of the CDs and go headhunting for the ones that were actually bought and apologize to the owners.

  2. ChristopherAG says:

    An instrumental version of Rap is Crap? My life is now complete!

  3. Barronmore says:

    Why? This was the only good part of the WTR gimmick. It was popular enough to be REQUESTED on radio stations around the country. And it’s far less embarrassing to say you liked this song then admiring to liking Backstreet Boys, NSync, Spice Girls, Hanson, or a whole host of others…

    I STILL sing this song often and completely approve of it’s message. 🙂

  4. Barronmore says:

    Admitting, not admiring…gotta love autocorrect. 🙂

  5. Sean Bateman says:

    With Duncum and Hennig passed away, it its just Good Ol’ Windhams

  6. John C says:

    Never read these when you get tired, I kept seeing Rap is Carp. I was frightened that another Phish cd had come out.

  7. KatieVictoriasSecret says:

    Am I the only one who kind of want the instrumental version just so I can sing this at karaoke?

    Just me?

  8. Geoff says:

    If I was to sing a country song at Karaoke it would’nt be Rap is Crap or Carp or whatever, it would probably be Tornado by Little big town.

  9. Barry says:

    There’s only one thing that I hate, cos it’s a bunch of carp.

    I hate arp.

  10. Geoff says:

    AARP? You hate AARP?

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