Someone Bought This: WCW Ring Masters figures- wrestlers get wacky jobs!

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For the last couple of years of WCW’s life, its figures were produced by ToyBiz (now known as Marvel Toys who currently produce TNA’s figures).

In 2001 (I believe just a month or two before WCW ceased to exist) they released a series of strange figures under the “Ring Masters” line.

Ringmaster Steve Austin

No, no- not him! Wrong “Ringmaster”!

The basic idea behind the figures was that the wrestlers would be portrayed in “wacky” costumes relating to their wrestling character and they’d include related accessories to go along with that theme.

Let’s take a look at each of the 6 figures in the series and see what they came up with…

Here’s Bill Goldberg as a construction worker (because his finisher was called the Jackhammer, you see…).

WCW Ring Masters Bill Goldberg

Finally; you too can live out your ultimate fantasy of putting Bill Goldberg in The Village People!

Everybody sing along with me! “Macho, Macho Man! I want to fight The Macho Man…”.

Here’s Bret Hart as (what else?) a hit man straight out of a 1940’s gangster movie.

WCW Ring Masters Bret Hart

He looks more like that creepy guy who hangs around the park in a trench coat waiting to flash unsuspecting people to get his jollies.

Here’s Chris Jericho as a lion tamer (complete with lion).

WCW Ring Masters Chris Jericho

 He looks more like some kind of bizarre gay male stripper in a themed Las Vegas nightclub show.

Chris had debuted in the WWF in August of 1999 so I’m not sure why they bothered going into production with this figure as late as 2001.

Here’s “Hollywood” Hulk Hogan as… um… pretty much himself, complete with movie set accessories.

WCW Ring Masters Hollywood Hulk Hogan

What; are they filming; a movie about Hulk Hogan wrestling while in the NWO? What kind of aboring movie is that?!

I was hoping for him to be dressed up like mild-mannered Ray Chase from Secret Agent Club! WCW disappoints me yet again!

Here’s Lex Luger as some kind of weird torture/bondage fetishist (you know, for the kids!). Yes, I know he’s supposed to be an executioner but that doesn’t make this any less squicky.

WCW Ring Masters Lex Luger

I get that his finisher was the torture rack, but this is just plain ol’ creepy… I know ToyBiz didn’t have much else to work with since Lex had all the personality and character of an empty toilet paper tube, but yikes!

Here’s Rick Steiner out on a date with Tammy Sytch (?!).

WCW Ring Masters Rick Steiner

Oh, I’m sorry! That’s supposed to be a Dog Faced Gremlin. Well, at least it’s on a leash. Rick looks just as stupid as ever in the amateur wrestling headgear.

I have to admit the concept was pretty creative at least in theory. In practice, I think it turned out kind of bizarre and strange. I guess that was the idea, but I’m not sure how much play value these figures actually had.

Don’t most kids want to play with wrestlers as… wrestlers?

I can’t imagine come up with a play scenario where Lion Tamer Chris Jericho would meet up with the lethal hit man Bret Hart and hire him to kill construction worker Bill Goldberg before Bill can kidnap Chris’ friend Rick’s pet Dog Faced Gremlin and hold it for ransom money?

Okay, I guess I did just come up with something there…

All of the pictures and information in this article were obtained from which is a great resources for wrestling figure information. They have a fantastic searchable database of figures. Check it out!

Did any of you Crappers have any of the figures in the Ring Masters line? Which ones did you have?

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26 Responses to "Someone Bought This: WCW Ring Masters figures- wrestlers get wacky jobs!"
  1. Zeedeevel says:

    I had the Bret Hart one when I was a kid. I ended up getting a lot of the WCW ones later one because when those guys were in WWF there were only 4 inch figures of them. Of course I still had WWF Bret Hart beat up WCW Bret.

  2. Alan says:

    Chris Jericho debuted in the WWF in August 1999. I’m guessing these figures were released sometime in mid 1999 b/c of the “new and improved” logo, which is so crappy looking that it deserves to be inducted into Wrestlecrap.

    • "The Big Cheese" Paul Kraft says:

      Oops! I don’t know why I wrote “2000”. I knew it was 1999. Complete brain fart on my part. 🙂 claims they were released in 2001 but I suppose they could be wrong.

      Thanks for letting me know about the mistake. I’m going to correct it (just ’cause I’m anal about that kind of thing). 🙂

      • Nicholas Nutter says:

        This IS WCW we’re talking about here. Doesn’t seem so far-fetched that they’d just be getting around to producing a Chris Jericho figure a year and a half after he left. (Bret Hart was also out of WCW by October 2000.)

  3. Shane aka RamboHomerMcFly says:

    hi, paul. who else is up at 3:30am?

  4. Raven7309 says:

    They’re no worse than those mid-90’s WWE figures that had goofy accessories.
    E.G.: Owen Hart or the Rock, (can’t remember which one), with scuba gear.

  5. CarlMarksGuyCarl says:

    All I can say is, thank goodness WCW never produced RingMaster figures for The Booty Man or Hugh G. Rection.

  6. Peter says:

    I had Hollywood Hogan and Lex Luger. They were cool action figures, their props though, eh, I never really cared about props with action figures except championship belts. That wooden rack thing that came with Lex I used to use as a table though, I think it broke apart pretty easy so it was cool for that at least.

  7. Combsy says:

    I actually had the Goldberg one. I always used the “Who’s Next” thing as a Tombstone For my Underaker Figure (I don’t know what it was actually supposed to be, maybe a slab of concrete, but it looked like a grave-stone so that’s what I used it as)

    He lso came with a Wind-up Jackhammer

  8. Das Wunderkind says:

    Yeah these were out in 1999. I had the whole series mainly to have a Jericho & Steiner figure finally. The rest I got for the accessories and cuz I was that kid who had to have every figure possible.

  9. Craig M. says:

    I had the Chris Jericho & Rick Steiner because those were the only figures of them at the time from that line. I fiddled with the Steiner accessory a little before tossing it in a box with all the other useless accessories.

    Funny fact, aside from the head, the Rick Steiner is the exact same figure as a Scott Steiner from about a year before that was part of a set which included a ring corner.

  10. Will says:

    I love how Toybiz execs must’ve been sat round talking about what to do with line and somebody said “What if we take things way to literally?” to which everybody must have agreed.

    As for Hogan was going to be filming, why not ask Bubba The Love Sponge?

  11. hobu0 says:

    I remember some line of WCW figures that had accessories….a guy would come with a random weapon or whatever. Then you had the Giant, whose accessory was….Rey Misterio Jr. hahaha. I should have bought that one.

    • "The Big Cheese" Paul Kraft says:

      Poor Rey! 🙁

    • JJ says:

      I actually did have that one. The Rey figure was super small and his neck stretch so the Giant, now known as the Big Show of course, could perform his choke slam. If there was such a thing as action figure jobbers that Rey figure fits it.

      Still have to say though, I thought Toy Biz made some cool WCW figures.

  12. 80sGuy says:

    I am appalled there was no mention of the hamster sized “lion” that came with the Jericho figure.

  13. Matt Soileau says:

    Austin looks thrilled in that photo…

  14. John C says:

    Why wasn’t Goldberg’s figure a cashier in a grocery store he had the proper line to use for it. Other figures could have been Buff Bagwell as a gigolo, Big Poppa Pump as a mad scientist creating the perfect “vitamin”, DDP as a trampoline salesman (he was a bouncer, afterall) and The Outsiders could be dressed as the town drunks.

  15. Sean O says:

    I actually had the Luger figure simply because I thought he actually looked somewhat cool with the Executioner mask on…whenever I did matches, I just had him wrestle with the mask on at all times….admit it, would have been much more interesting that real life Luger…

  16. AK says:

    I’m not going to lie, I was kind of hoping Rick Steiner’s dog face gremlin would have had a matching mustache and headgear.

    I’m not completely crazy though, I wouldn’t have given the Gremlin a leather jacket. That would have just been ridiculous.

  17. Jay West says:

    These were released in 1999, as several other posters already said. The Jericho figure was highly sought-after as the series was released around the same time as his WWE debut, thereby allowing us kids to have Jericho debut in our action figure WWE months before Jakks would be able to release a Jericho figure.

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