Someone Bought This: Watch out! This Sunny poster book could be dangerous!

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WWF Sunny 1996 poster book

This is a circa 1996 “Totally Rad” (!) poster book of Tam.. er.. I mean Tammy.. er.. I mean Sunny.

It isn’t too exceptional save for that blurb at the bottom warning “youngsters” about the staples.

I just love that they refer to kids as “youngsters” as if this poster book was put together by a committee of women in their 80’s…

The Golden Girls group photo

So kids, be careful not to slice open your finger on a staple as you try to excitedly rip out the poster of Sunny to jerk-off with!

Because getting an infection that leads to Gangrene and finger amputation is most assuredly not “Totally Rad”.

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5 Responses to "Someone Bought This: Watch out! This Sunny poster book could be dangerous!"
  1. Sean Bateman says:

    *Tamtrolla acts up* Oh fuckssake! On Not on Steve Austin Day! It should been something Steve Austin related for Somebody Bought This! Curse you Big Chese!

  2. Captain Obvious says:

    I used to have this poster mag back in the day. Gave one to my cousin and another to my best friend at the time. Kept only 2 for myself. They didn’t complain that it had Shawn Michaels on the back of each Sunny poster either. Quite literally around that time if you catch my drift hey-ooooo

  3. The Doctor of Style says:

    Wow, was that message a very good rib by the WWF? As if “youngsters” would want to bring a book like this to their parents’ attention.

    P.S. With all the “wrestling episode” inductions lately, I just did a web search for “golden girls wrestling episode” and (fortunately?) got nothing.

  4. Hulk Hogan's Glorious And Truly Most Triumphenously Monumental Shatneresque Bald Dome says:

    Does anybody remember back (like I do) to Tammy’s earliest, pre WWF days?

    Her ORIGINAL gimmick (in Smoky Mountain, I believe) was Tammy Fytch, a devout feminist and besotted Hillary Clinton worshipper. So, kind of ahead of her time in a way. She dropped the gimmick when she arrived in WWF. I never SAW the Fytch gimmick directly, but I remember reading about it in one of the “Apter Mags”.

  5. Sean Wilkinson says:

    “If need be, let either your mom or dad give you a hand.”

    …That is earth-shatteringly wrong on an infinite number of levels.

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