Someone Bought This: Wacky Wrestling cards are unlike anything you’ve ever seen…

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I found a set of Wacky Wrestling trading cards on this Wrestling Card Collecting website and they are pretty interesting to say the least!

They’re unlicensed cards made by Topps (yes, them) and released in Ireland in 1993. They feature pictures taken at WWF and WCW house shows over several years with funny cartoon speech bubbles added.

Nowhere on the cards does it mention any wrestling federations, or any wrestlers names (real or gimmick names).

Some of the jokes are funnier than others and some of them use references that you’d only understand if you live in Ireland (I guess) so they’re kind of hit and miss but check out the whole series and see which ones you like the best.

I have to give them points for creativity here at the very least!

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4 Responses to "Someone Bought This: Wacky Wrestling cards are unlike anything you’ve ever seen…"
  1. Tom says:

    They weren’t just in Ireland – I also bought them in the UK. They didnt seem to last very long as I remember having most of the ones featured above – doubles in some cases.

    Good post!

  2. Geoff says:

    Those were funny. It’s either the humor in Ireland or the humor at that time, it just seems… outdated. I bet a lot of people who read your site here can come up with better pic captions for some of those (hell a lot of those). You could even make it a contest.

    Anyway, the one for Lanny Poffo holding a frisbee: “Hey, anybody up for a round of disc golf? Ultimate Frisbee? 3 Flies up? Anybody? At all?”

    • The Doctor of Style says:

      Well, they were probably aimed at elementary school boys, so they couldn’t be too edgy. But hey! A Leapin’ Lanny Poffo card! And nose-brace Virgil!

  3. John C says:

    The 1985 Topps Set seemed to have the same pun level of humor also. Possible Lanny caption: “Which way to the giant slot machine?”

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