Someone Bought This: This Undertaker Sound Bank sounds stupid.

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I’m just going to copy and paste from the auction where I found this thing…

WWF Superstar The Undertaker Sound Bank – This bank stands 8 to 10 inches tall and manufactured by Ringside supplies. You can make the Undertaker say “The Undertaker rest in peace.” by either pressing a button or putting a coin in the slot located on the back of the Undertaker’s head. The figure is in mint condition, the box is in good condition. The bank is opened by twisting a hidden trap door on the bottome of the bank.

They might as well have called this the “ANNOY YOUR PARENTS” bank because that’s what it did.

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2 Responses to "Someone Bought This: This Undertaker Sound Bank sounds stupid."
  1. Christopher Piatt says:

    I remember seeing this at KB Toys growing up. I did not buy. There was so much merchandise during the attitude era.

    • Steve Terranova says:

      Right? I can remember coming home to Upstate NY (Buffalo) from school in 1998 and just being astounded by how wrestling stuff was everywhere! The mall had what seemed like a dozen kiosks selling Stone Cold and nWo t-shirts. I don’t think anyone today could even imagine that!

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