Someone Bought This: This NWO Wolfpac shirt says it all

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WCW NWO New World Order Wolfpac Wolfpack Bad Has Arrived shirt

I found this NWO Wolfpac shirt on eBay and check out that slogan on the back:

“Bad has arrived, and it’s here to stay”.

Boy, does that describe the last few years of WCW perfectly…

“I love shoot comments that aren’t supposed to be shoot comments”. -Scott Keith.

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12 Responses to "Someone Bought This: This NWO Wolfpac shirt says it all"
  1. John C says:

    Shirt may also be used as a statement on the Raw announcing team. “Vintage slam on my annoucing ability!!!”

  2. Mister Forth says:

    An honest shirt.

  3. John says:

    This was actually the very first wrestling shirt I ever owned. I even knew this would be the shirt Paul would be referring to before I even clicked to view the link. Who would have thought that it would describe the fate of WCW so perfectly?

    • Gouki says:

      Me too!! It was the only Wolfpac shirt they had at the store I went to that DIDN’T have Looney Toons characters on it…

  4. Mav says:

    I still have my nWo black and white shirt. A classic.

    On the back, the not-very-catchy slogan: “Broken bones rule.”

  5. Mav says:

    I’m sorry.

    Actually, it’s “Rules and bones are made to be broken.”

    Even worse.

  6. Kevin says:

    *sighs* I still have this shirt.. it was my first wolfpac shirt.. and i love it

  7. Chris says:

    My first wrestling shirt was also a NWO Wolfpac shirt. Mine was blank on the back though, as I bought mine from Wal-Mart. Back then, seeing stuff like that at Wal-Mart was a rarity, but there was no hesitation from me when I saw it! I probably have a picture of me wearing it somewhere, bowl-cut, Jncos and all! haha

  8. trj22487 says:

    I have a photograph of myself from 1998 in our 6th grade classroom taken by our teacher where I am wearing this shirt, except the “Bad Has Arrived” part was the front of the shirt (I think the back was blank on mine) and my friend Joey is doing the Scott Hall point to me while wearing a HHH DX shirt. We had the best bowl cuts in the whole damn town back then. There is another one where we are all on the playground and I am wearing a different Wolfpac shirt (the one that says “Run With the Pac” at the bottom) and we are all giving the Wolfpac hand signals.

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